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Tax Marketing ServicesTeaches You the Tax Preparation Business.

Start Your Own Tax Preparation Business.

Find how to open or start an income tax preparation business, office, practice or service in the United States. For starting or opening your own location, there are a number of things you need to know and steps you need to follow to become a professional income tax preparer.

Opening or starting a tax prep office is made easier with Tax Marketing Services.


We train clients and their staff on tax law, ethics, bank compliance, and tax office management. After learning tax law and ethical procedures, clients learn how to enter personal and small business tax returns.

Location Assistance

Our clients know the area where they would like to place an office better than Tax Marketing services. All clients have access to our location search resources to find a space on their own.


Marketing Program

1040University offers a variety of classes to help build your tax business. Learn how to employ marketing tactics, utilize social media, and network with other businesses.

Office Management

Good office management depends on people knowing who is responsible for what – it’s people who are accountable who will get things done.

Are you ready to start your tax preparation business?